V I V I A N 

Vivian Mungall started her lettering career as an apprentice with Stephen A. Ziller, owner of Ziller of Kansas City, a professional engrossing art (calligraphy) studio. Stephen, a 1932 graduate of the Zanerian College in Columbus, Ohio, was the second owner of the engrossing studio which was founded in 1895 by Frederick W. Tamblyn, a well-known penman. In 1983, Master Penman Stephen began teaching her layout, design, and illumination skills. Vivian specializes in awards, resolutions, certificates, diplomas, poems and more. The studio creates a variety of lettering for a wide range of associations, corporations, and schools nationwide. Rich, her husband, joined the studio in 1985 and a partnership was formed with Stephen. In 2012, the studio moved to Orlando, Florida. Sebastien Saint-Ouen joined Vivian and Rich as a Partner in 2013.

Vivian was recognized as a Master Penman at the 2002 IAMPETH Conference. She is a Past President of IAMPETH and hosted the annual conference in Orlando in 2010. Vivian has written two books on Cadel capitals. The iBook is Cadels, A How-To manual with Pattern Families and Historical Examples for these Decorative Calligraphic Capitals in 2015 and the hardcopy, Cadels, A How-To Manual in 2019.


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Come learn more about the how-to's of making a Cadel capital along with some history. Registration will open on 9/11/22.

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My joy in teaching comes from the satisfaction that I am passing on the joy of lettering along with some of the history of the lettering hand. My aim in each class is for the students to learn from historical examples and make their own individual creations for others to enjoy.

-Vivian Mungall