C A D E L S  
Vivian Mungall, Instructor



Come learn more about the how to’s of making a Cadel capital along with some history. The first session centers on Jean Flamel’s cadels and those from a 1567 Spanish manuscript. The second session focuses on false cadels like those created by Marc Antonio Rossi - using parallel lines to give the illusion of being interwoven. The last two sessions will tackle the more complex large true cadel versals that are composed of more complex line design patterns.

The goal of these sessions is to start with simpler cadels and finish with the more complicated cadels. With this foundation, you will be able to create your own variations to fit the needs of the project you are working on. In each class, Vivian will cover how to create several letters, and then ask you to create your own letters to post for others to see on the forum. Vivian will critique the letters and add helpful hints as well.

How it works


This is a live Zoom class over four days, October 11, 14, 18, & 21, 2022 at 1PM EDT (GMT-4).

The lessons will be 2 hours with an optional 30 minutes for questions afterwards.

The Zoom classes will be recorded and available through November 21, 2022.

With a private student forum for feedback!


Check the class time in your time zone below:




Live online course with video replay

Private student forum for feedback

OCTOBER 11, 14, 18, & 21, 2022  1PM EDT (GMT-4)

Approximately 10 hours total:
2 hours per session
+30 minute optional Q&A per session
(all recordings available through November 21, 2022)


These are just a few of the things that will be covered in the class... 


  • The history of cadels through visual examples 
  • How to create foundation strokes and fine line flourishes 
  • Creating your own letters based on a study of the masters 
  • Small cadel capitals and lower case letters 
  • True cadel pattern capitals

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About Vivian


Vivian Mungall started her lettering career as an apprentice with Stephen A. Ziller, owner of Ziller of Kansas City, a professional engrossing art (calligraphy) studio. Stephen, a 1932 graduate of the Zanerian College in Columbus, Ohio, was the second owner of the engrossing studio which was founded in 1895 by Frederick W. Tamblyn, a well-known penman. In 1983, Master Penman Stephen began teaching her lay out, design and illumination skills. Vivian specializes in awards, resolutions, certificates, diplomas, poems and more. The studio creates a variety of lettering for a wide range of associations, corporations, and schools nationwide. Rich, her husband, joined the studio in 1985 and a partnership was formed with Stephen. In 2012, the studio moved to Orlando, Florida. Sebastien Saint-Ouen joined Vivian and Rich as a Partner in 2013.

She was recognized as a Master Penman at the 2002 IAMPETH Conference. She is a Past President of IAMPETH and hosted the annual conference in Orlando in 2010. Vivian has written two books on Cadel capitals. The iBook is Cadels, A How-To manual with Pattern Families and Historical Examples for these Decorative Calligraphic Capitals (2015) and the hardcopy is Cadels, A How-To Manual (2019).



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