Skyler Chubak is an uber talented young lettering artist from Salt Lake City. While unique in appearance, being heavily covered in tattoos and preferring quirky clothes, he is more old-fashioned in his art than one might think.

Although young, Skyler has spent many years working on his craft. He started pursuing calligraphy in high school and has been learning ever since. 

Skyler has been an unforgettable part of IAMPETH (The International Association of Masterpenman, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting) since 2012. In 2013 he received a scholarship to attend the IAMPETH convention in Albuquerque where he found many outstanding teachers and calligraphers who were willing to invest time in helping him learn.

His work is largely influenced by turn of the century penmen, engrossers, glass gilders and embossers, sign writers, engravers, letterhead designers, and letter carvers. He has made it a priority to study from the best living artists in these fields as he brings a his own touch to a very traditional craft. He has traveled the world both to study and to teach.

His goals in art are to master the craft of traditional lettering and apply it to all manner of work, and to pass along these skills to other interested artists.




Skyler Teaches

He brings a fresh approach to a very traditional style of lettering. If you'd like to be notified when Skyler has an upcoming class, we'll make sure to drop you a note.


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can gain an understanding of going from a concept to a finished design while developing a respect for historic lettering and the knowledge of how to make it your own.

-Skyler Chubak