There are some AMAZING classes coming up with your favorite instructors!  More of our 2022 line up will be added in the coming weeks.
Hope you can join us.

Illuminated Initials

Master Penman
Harvest Crittenden

Have you always wanted to learn gilding? And we mean using real gold leaf, not just gold paint. You're in luck!! Master Penman Harvest Crittenden will teach us the step-by-step process to create stunning illuminated initials.  Finally add show-stopping elements to your certificates and keepsake pieces! This class is hosted by LearnCalligraphy.com

APRIL 20,23,27,30 / $195

Copperplate Script

Kestrel Montes, Instructor.

Arguably the most recognized traditional script, Copperplate, is a "must-have" in your calligraphy toolbelt. Kestrel Montes teaches the structure of an elegant upper and lowercase alphabet with variations. Perfect for those interested in learning or improving their skill in this versatile script.

$195 / May 3,6,10 & 13 2022

Drawing for Calligraphers, Intermediate

Kevin Coffey, Instructor

A deep study into proven methods for powerful freehand drawing that you can use and apply immediately, using photographs or nature as your models.
“Basic Drawing for Calligraphers” is not a a prerequisite.
All freehand drawing- no tracing.

$95 / May 14 &15 2022

Adventures with the Pointed Brush

Yves Leterme, Instructor.

The pointed brush is such a versatile tool that you can spend your entire life exploring and enjoying that one instrument. This class aims to prove this statement before a wide audience of different skill levels.

$295 / May-June 2022

Decorated Borders:
Renaissance Vines

Master Penman Harvest Crittenden, Instructor.

Learn the fundamentals of creating beautiful borders typical of the 15th century that add dimension and visual interest to your calligraphic pieces.

Pssst, Professional Calligraphers! This is a great way to add value to your commissioned pieces!

$95 / June 2 and 4, 2022


We will be retiring some of our classes after one final run.
Don't miss this opportunity to study with the renown instructor, Yves Leterme.


Contemporary Scripts with Mike Gold
Broad Pen to Pointed Pen Uncials with Mike Kecseg



Trajan Capitals

Yves Leterme, Instructor.

A study of the Trajans is highly recommended for anyone who’s serious about calligraphy; it not only provides a sound foundation to build upon, it also sharpens the eye, improves the hand skills and makes one more sensitive to all the tiny details that make up the difference.
This is the last run for this class.

Nature Sings

Heather Held, Instructor.

Each Spring, the earth begins to awaken and bloom. We are presented with vibrant florals, chirping birds and pollinators in the garden. Using our pointed pen for delicate etching techniques and offhand flourishes we will bring these sweet designs to life.


$95 / March 5 & 6, 2022

The Mystery of Monograms

Bailey Rivera, Instructor

Come and crack the code of how to fit letters together to create an artistic, balanced and pleasing design that is a successful monogram. It is so useful to add this to your skill set of calligraphic tools to offer to your clients. Bailey taught this for Iampeth in 2021 to rave reviews. 


MARCH 16, 19, 23 & 26, 2022

Thoughtful Gestures

Yves Leterme, Instructor.

Straying away from formal Italic in favor of a more personal and dynamic script is a very contemporary and exciting thing to do, which is bound to give the calligrapher joy and satisfaction. Let Yves, a master of gestural writing, be your guide.
This is the last run for this class.

Advanced Spencerian Study

Master Penman Harvest Crittenden leads an advanced study of this elegant vintage script. Get ready to elevate your script with an in-depth study of alternate letter-forms, intricate capitals, advanced entry strokes and a bit of decorative flourishes. Hosted by learncalligraphy.com

We love our classes, we love our instructors, but most of all we love our students! 

We'd  appreciate hearing  your suggestions for any classes you'd like to take, the instructors you'd like to study with, and your favorite type of class. 



Calligraphy Numbers 

Kestrel Montes, Instructor.

Kestrel puts the spotlight on numbers! Learn multiple variations for aesthetic options plus ordinal numbers, mixed postal codes and roman numerals. Most courses, books and practice guides focus on letters. Let's spend some time just on numbers. Addresses and dates are finally going to shine!

$95 / Feb 23 & 26, 2022

Conquering Layouts

Ready to tackle long pieces without breaking your brain? Learn the approaches of Master  Penman Harvest Crittenden, Suzanne Cunningham & Kestrel Montes! They unlock the mystery of arranging quantities of text, line breaks, centering, paper size, drafting. We'll also talk papers, inks, sealants, signing, pricing and shipping! This class is hosted by LearnCalligraphy.com

$245 / Mar 21, 24, 28 & 31, 2022

The Business of Calligraphy

Kestrel Montes, of INKMETHIS, shares all her experience building a thriving business: determining the focus, finding clients, licenses, marketing, social media, offering services, selling products, resources & more! Launch your dreams!

Layout and Design

Mike Gold, Instructor.

Mike has worked as a commercial lettering designer for over 30 years, and brings his unique skills to this sometimes elusive subject. You will get a multi-layered insight into dynamic designs.

Leaf  Script  Letters

Skyler Chubak, Instructor.

A perfect companion to Skyler's course on Acanthus Leaves & Scrolls, this alphabet will help incorporate the acanthus leaf elements into script letters. The course will focus on a variety of letters and shading styles with a full alphabet provided. Info coming soon.

New dates to be announced

Egg Tempera, the Luminous Medium

Koo Schadler, Instructor.

In this comprehensive course, Koo leads students through a step by step process to create a small yet exquisite still life painting using pigments & egg yolk. 

Acanthus Leaves & Scrolls

Skyler Chubak, Instructor.
Demystify the art of drawing acanthus leaves and scrolls with this step by step process for gorgeous designs. This class was so popular that we've received many requests to run it again. Check out the student images on IG #scrollswithskyler2021.  Open to students of any level.

Spring Symphony

Heather Victoria Held, Instructor.

This class will focus on Spring themes designed for this joyous time of year and build upon the basic flourishes. Intermediate level. Come play with designs, colors, and all the inspiration of Spring.

Basic Drawing for Calligraphers

Kevin Coffey, Instructor.

Kevin has taught at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco and brings a warm and patient approach to everything he teaches. In this beginner's class will be using photographs as an underlying reference, to “see as an artist” the basic simple shapes that make up all objects. Begin to create a library of drawings that you can use to enhance calligraphy projects of your own.

The Poetic Pen
A Study in Italian Hand

Heather Victoria Held, Instructor.

Italian Hand is a playful, delicate and joyful script that can drastically lighten your touch with the pointed pen as well as help you develop a stronger understanding of other script hands.

Shaded Spencerian

Michael Ward, Instructor.

Taken from the New Spencerian Compendium of 1880, Shaded Spencerian or Sign Writer’s Script is perfect whenever your script needs to stand out. Modified proportions are used to enhance legibility, without sacrificing Grace. Not to be confused with Engrosser’s Script or Copperplate, the shades maintain a continuous taper, and stay true to the Spencerian form, giving the script a truly unique, beautiful & elegant look.

Spencerian: Beginners-Improvers

Master Penman Harvest Crittenden, Instructor

Designed during the Golden Age of Penmanship, Spencerian Script is known for it's delicate, sweeping lines. Learn one of the most requested bridal hands from Master Penman Harvest Crittenden. Perfect for those interested in learning or improving their skill in this elegant vintage hand.

Roman Capitals for Beginners

Gemma Black, Instructor.

Gemma will guide the students through early pencil work, construction of the penned Roman Capital and leave you with a very sound foundation and a variety of styles to use as a springboard for future works.

Decorated Borders

Harvest Crittenden, Instructor.

Learn the fundamentals of creating beautiful borders to add to your work. We will break them down into easy steps with repeating pattern borders and build up our designs from there. Different designs will be shown.
Hosted by learncalligraphy.com

Built-up Capitals

Yves Leterme, Instructor.

This class exclusively focuses on the wealth of capitals that are at our disposal when we decide to draw or build up our letters. Open to all levels.