Michael Ward is a professional penman, located in Canada who specializes in Spencerian Script and is known worldwide for his ornate signature designs. Mr. Ward has studied under some of the very best penmen, including Master Penmen Harvest Crittenden, Michael Sull and Jake Weidmann.

In addition to his penmanship practice, he has also pioneered the technique of debossing or foiling calligraphic designs, onto leather items.  Mr. Ward's ornate calligraphic designs are often featured on the products that he offers in his online shop, www.etsy.com/shop/MrMGWard

In additional to penmanship, Michael is a professional artist, dancer and dance instructor. He is passionate about teaching and sharing his love for the process of learning.    


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My goal in teaching is to provide my students with the fundamentals required to understand and properly execute scripts from the Golden Age of Penmanship. I endeavor to deliver this information in a fun, playful and energetic manner, in the hopes of sparking in my students the same joy, curiosity and desire to explore that these scripts give to me.

-Mike Ward