Kestrel Montes is a woman of many skills; in calligraphy, in education and in business. Before being a full time calligrapher, Kestrel's formal career was in education with a master's degree in educational leadership.

In 2014, Kestrel and her husband, Francisco, decided to make a change. Together they founded the company INKMETHIS, which specializes in luxury calligraphy supplies, custom stamps, and engraved gifts. Francisco creates a line of gorgeous, hand-turned pens. Kestrel has gone on to train with top calligraphers and has an active lettering studio as well as continuing with the company. (I seriously think Kestrel never sleeps.) They have expanded their business to now include engraving tools and online classes as well.

You simply could not ask for a better business instructor than Kestrel. She knows all the aspects of running a thriving, multi-faceted calligraphy business from the ground up and is more than willing to share what she has learned and what to watch out for. Work smarter, not harder!

Kestrel is also co-teaching a class in conquering layouts, the nemesis  of many calligraphers who need to approach lengthy amounts of text and have it look client worthy.

To learn more about Kestrel and INKMETHIS, you can visit her website HERE.




Kestrel Teaches

The Business of Calligraphy is a must take class for anyone looking to expand their work as a professional in this field. The same approach would equally apply to anyone in other lettering or graphic design art fields.

And who doesn't need to conquer layouts? It's great to know how to approach them, plan the time involved and give accurate quotes without worry.

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I am so inspired by Kestrel! Please tell me when she's going to teach.

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that knowledge is to be shared. I consider it an honor to pass on the skills and information that I have gathered or discovered with the goal of lifting someone up and contributing to their success.

Kestrel Montes