Bruges calligrapher specializing in modern gestural lettering accepts commissions


Yves Leterme, a Belgian calligrapher based in the fair city of Bruges, began his lettering career in the early nineties. What started as a hobby – his day job was teaching Latin and Greek to high school students – soon became a passion and in 2010 even a fulltime profession. He is greatly indebted to his teacher Brody Neuenschwander for giving the right pushes at the right time.

Mesmerized from the very beginning by the liveliness and versatility of informal, gestural writing, he spends countless hours analyzing and experimenting, deepening his understanding and honing his skills.

That expertise, combined with his talent to make the difficult topic accessible to many, soon earns him invitations from guilds and societies worldwide to come and teach for them… which he gladly accepts, since teaching has always been his primary vocation.

Apart from gestural writing, Yves also specializes in drawn capitals, brush Trajan letters, abstract painting and, for want of a better description, fooling around with all sorts of letters, sometimes with respect for tradition, often not so much so.

Yves is also a prolific practitioner of this artform. In his studio at home, he produces commissioned work as well as personal artwork. To see more of his art, follow him on Facebook or Instagram, or visit

Yves has published ‘Thoughtful Gestures’ (2010), a book on gestural writing, and ‘Litterae’ (2015), a boxed collection of Latin texts, commented upon and interpreted in calligraphy.


Yves Teaches

  • Thoughtful Gestures

  • Trajan Capitals

  • Built-up Caps

  • Pointed Brush Adventures

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is to provide my students with the skills and the understanding needed for further personal exploration, to develop a keen eye for detail and to instill lasting enthusiasm for what they’re doing.

-Yves Leterme