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[This is a pre-recorded version of the original class. There is no teacher feedback or forum for this version.]

In previous classes we focused on either a specific letter (Trajans) or on a specific way of writing (gestural writing/drawing letters). Now we will conduct our explorations around an instrument: the pointed brush is such a versatile tool that you can spend your entire life enjoying that one instrument, while exploring its myriad possibilities.

One of the home truths in calligraphy that I hold dear is that you don’t need a whole array of equipment in order to make exciting things. Cheap paper, cheap ink and an even cheaper water brush go a long way… and you can take that quite literally. In this class we won’t rely on fancy materials or special techniques, but instead we’ll discover how exciting calligraphy can be when our desk contains only the bare necessities: a writing surface, a medium and one tool.

But what a tool! Like a wild horse, the pointed brush strikes us as very daunting and capricious so we’ll need to tame it first. So, very much like horse whisperers, we’ll need to familiarize ourselves with its nature, anticipate its unforeseen and quirky movements, patiently establish a relationship of trust with it and gradually make it clear who’s the boss. Then, once it allows to be saddled, it will take us swiftly to unknown adventures and far-off horizons. 

I’d love to be your instructor and guide on this fascinating trip. We’ll start from scratch; if you already have experience with the brush, so much the better, but I’m sure that even during the first steps there will be stuff that is new to you. And let there be no doubt: throughout the entire course you will be challenged in very many ways. But this class should not deter the newbies among you. In previous classes, students have proved even beyond my wildest imagination how much progress they can make in relatively short time when provided with clear step-by-step instructions and driven by enthusiasm and perseverance. Why would it be any different this time? 

In a special bonus video at the end of the class, you’ll get an introduction to Procreate and the way I use it for my designs. It will be plenty of useful tips, tricks, and samples in relation to the topic of this class. 

All of this will be presented in the format that anyone who’s ever taken an Acorn Arts class with me has come to appreciate so well: clear instructions and demos on pre-recorded videos and a useful set of handouts for reference. We just love to provide a warm and stimulating learning opportunity for you.

Here are some of the things covered in the course:

  • Lowercase, capitals, and hybrids
  • How to blow life into letters
  • How to create a new writing style
  • How to go from legible to abstract
  • The difference between the sideways and the upright hold
  • How to make variations and where to find inspiration
  • How to touch up and pimp a design
  • The importance of speeding up and slowing down
  • Monorhythm versus polyrhythm
  • How to make interesting textures
  • Troubleshooting
  • Applying our skills in small projects


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