Modern Pen Techniques: Losing Contact

A prerecorded, self-paced course with unlimited access

Carl Rohrs, Instructor

Carl has chosen his favorite style to design his first online class around… Modern Pen Techniques, especially the richness of the marks made when the pen loses full contact with the paper. This 4 lesson course will take you through the full realm of taking a classic italic into modern variations with straight strokes into sweeping upstrokes, rocking onto the corner of a pen, flicks, swashes, additional alphabets and so much more. 

Designed for the adventurous beginner, to intermediate and advanced students. A basic knowledge of italic is needed.

These are just a few of the things that will be covered in the course: 

  • Basic bounce and its script
  • Flicks, swash capitals, and script variations
  • Contact loss in main strokes
  • Other contact loss alphabets -- Book Hands, Caps, and Uncials












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