Koo Schadler graduated from Tufts University in 1984 with a BA in Art History. After graduation she traveled throughout Europe and eventually settled in Florence, Italy, so she could look at Renaissance art daily. On returning to the states in 1986 she moved to California where she was introduced to egg tempera through artist Chester Arnold at the College of Marin.

In the 90's Koo returned east and settled in a small town in Southern New Hampshire. For three years she studied classical oil painting with Numael and Shirley Pulido, while pursuing egg tempera studies on her own. Eventually she selected egg tempera and silverpoint as her primary mediums.

Koo is a Master painter of The Copley Society of Boston. She is a contributing editor at The Artist’s Magazine and a board member of the Society of Tempera Painters. Koo teaches painting and design workshops around the US and abroad. Her work is represented by the Arden Gallery in Boston, MA. Her paintings and drawings are in more than 400 private and corporate collections, and many museums nationwide.

You can visit her website at:  www.kooschadler.com


Koo Teaches

  • Egg Tempera
    the Luminous Medium

Koo will be teaching this course for us in January, 2021, 4 sessions, one per week. Can't take it when it's being offered? Just let us know. We'll make sure to drop you a note the next time it runs.

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is to give clear, specific instruction that deepens a student's skill and understanding, while helping each student to cultivate his or her unique nature and artistic goals.

-Koo Schadler