H O L I D A Y  D R A W I N G  F U N
Kevin Coffey, Instructor


Kevin's background is in illustration, animation, and design. A few of his clients include George Lucas, Cartoon Network, Disney, Comcast, Tim Burton, Hasbro, Hanna-Barbara, Bette Midler, The Boston Red Sox, the Los Angeles Angels and many others. Kevin currently has more than 20 children's books he's illustrated on Amazon. He has designed this class specifically for Acorn Arts, to help calligraphers understand the basics of drawings.
“Holiday Drawing Fun!” is a brand new drawing class taught by Acorn Art’s illustration teacher Kevin Coffey.
Just in time for the holidays!
Kevin’s classes for Acorn have been very successful with many favorable reviews.  
You will learn freehand drawing techniques that successful artists all over the world use. 

Of course you can apply these techniques to ANY subject found in nature or found in photographs or found in your imagination!

What’s unique about THIS class is that we’ll be applying these wonderful drawing techniques to specific holiday items that can stand alone AND be combined to create holiday borders, holiday greetings and unique holiday patterns for any use you can imagine.

Nothing says HOLIDAYS like your own personal holiday illustrations-
the perfect HAND DRAWN gift!  

How it works

This is a live Zoom class over two days, September  24th & 25th.


The lessons will be 3 hours each.


The Zoom classes will be recorded and available through October 25th.

You can join us live or watch the videos afterwards.

Here are a few things that will be covered in the course



  • how to “see and draw as an artist sees and draws” 
  •  how to combine objectsand shapes to create pleasing compositions  
  • setting up (supplies, how to practice…)
  • drawing textures 
  • how to add shape and depth for dimensionality
  • trouble shooting: most common mistakes
  • blending colors properly
  • finishing the drawing
  • this class is suitable for all levels

Eunice Carwile

This is the most practical drawing class ever. Kevin taught me how to see differently and gave me a simple way to draw elements I can use in my calligraphy. No muss, no fuss! 

From the beginning drawing class


Elizabeth Morgan

This is exactly what I needed. I really appreciate how Kevin explained looking for shapes in things and the importance of tracing in the beginning to help yourself see like an artist.

From the beginning drawing class.

Holiday Drawing Fun


Live online class via Zoom

Sept 24 & 25, 2022

1:00 pm Eastern Time (Michigan)

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Each session will be 3 hours including time for questions and answers.



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