A comprehensive course in this fundamental broad edge style.


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Have you always wanted to learn how to write with a broad nib? Do you need to refresh your your calligraphic skills? Do the words "ductus" and "pen scale" seem like a foreign language? We've got you covered. This is a  perfect way to jump into the world of broad edge lettering. Students will be taken step-by-step through the process of using a broad nib, ink, guidelines, slope, using a ductus and lettering this beautiful contemporary hand based on Edward Johnston's teaching of the early 20th century. Gemma Black, a highly acclaimed international instructor, will lead you through the process. 

We will follow the path of Edward Johnston’s reinvigoration of the broad nib and those of his protégés. Like Johnston we will refer to the historical manuscripts he studied to understand the basis for his “foundational” hand as a training model. It is a hand from which to spring, a solid grounding for all broad nib work producing charismatic words with meaning and clarity.

It is never too late to connect not only with your hands but also with your head and your heart. It is the perfect experience.

This program is suitable for all who wish to firm up their broad nib skills, those who would like to experience the broad nib world and for any beginner who would like a very solid introduction to calligraphy.

These are just a few of the things that will be covered in the course




  • how to hold your pen, slant, guidelines, pen scale, reading a ductus and more.
  • setting up (supplies, how to practice…)
  • going letter by letter over a basic foundational hand
  • proper spacing
  • trouble shooting: most common mistakes
  • a formal and informal variation to use
  • analyzing a historic script
  • simple Roman capitals to use with foundational
  • a playful watercolor technique







This class runs 4 weeks with very individualized attention and correction to each student’s work.


The class comes with 6 extra months of viewing time.




The Details


Classes will run for 4 MONDAYS  in October, beginning October 5th, 2020

New lessons (instructional videos and handouts) are posted each Monday, but you do NOT need to be online at that time. All the videos can be watched at whatever time is convenient for you and as many times as you like. The videos will remain up for an additional six months after the last class in case make-up time is needed for viewing! There is homework suggested for this class, but not mandatory.  Individual critique is offered to each student's homework submitted in the forum. The Classroom Forum provides a wonderful place to ask questions, share with your classmates, and learn from the critique on each other’s work as well.



Couldn't make it this time? Not to worry! We'll make sure to let you know when this class is offered in the future. 

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