Egg Tempera, The Luminous Medium,
Koo Schadler, Instructor


Egg tempera painting is as old as the Egyptians, was most famous during the Renaissance, and is becoming increasingly popular with artists today.  Egg tempera has unsurpassed luminosity.  Dozens of layers can be quickly applied in a single session.  Yet the medium also allows for meticulous brushwork and fine, linear details. Egg tempera appeals to both painter and decorative artist alike. 

Koo Schadler is an internationally recognized master of the medium.  In this comprehensive course, Koo leads students through a step by step process to create a small yet exquisite still life painting.  Students learn how to combine pigments and yolk to make fresh paint, sponge on a background, create a splattered granite ledge with incised lettering, render a wild rose, convey the translucent transparency of glass, and paint a butterfly in flight. 

Koo also discusses gesso panels, powdered pigments, finishing a tempera painting, and the medium’s rich, ancient history.  Bonus videos include “Creating a Light Effect”, to increase light and luminosity in paintings; and “Color Attributes”, for greater proficiency in color mixing.  An in-depth booklet and color chart accompany the course.


Our class project
3" x 5" 


These are just a few of the things that will be covered in the course



  •  how to combine pigments and yolk
  • sponge on a background
  • create a splattered granite ledge with incised lettering
  • render a wild rose
  • convey the translucent transparency of glass
  • paint a butterfly in flight
  • finishing a tempera painting

Koo Schadler 

Koo has taught hundreds of people from around the world how to paint in egg tempera.  This course is open to all levels, including beginners; prior experience in egg tempera or painting is not required.  Students should be aware that to complete the assigned image requires, depending on ability, 12-20 hours of painting time over the course of 4 weeks.  Students may tailor the image (for example, not paint all objects in the still life) to simplify the painting process.  

Supply List for Download

Optional kits are available from Natural Pigments. The kits, created exclusively for this class, are offered at very reasonable prices and ship worldwide. Click here to visit Natural Pigments.



This class runs 4 weeks,
Jan. 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th, 2021
with individualized attention and correction to each student’s work.




 The class comes with an extra 6 months of viewing time.


Closed Captioning is available for this class. 


The Details


Classes will run for 4 MONDAYS in January, beginning January 4th, 2021

New lessons (instructional videos and handouts) are posted each Monday, but you do NOT need to be online at that time. All the videos can be watched at whatever time is convenient for you and as many times as you like. The videos will remain up for an additional six months after the last class in case make-up time is needed for viewing! There is homework suggested for this class, but not mandatory.  Individual critique is offered to each student's homework submitted in the forum. The Classroom Forum provides a wonderful place to ask questions, share with your classmates, and learn from the critique on each other’s work as well.

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