Classic Cursive

A prerecorded, self-paced course with unlimited access.
Marie Hornback, Instructor

Who doesn't love the timeless beauty of a handwritten letter, a treasure that we go back to time and again. 

And what calligrapher doesn't wish that they had better handwriting? Ironic that we spend so much time refining our skill with pen and ink but our handwriting leaves so much to be desired. Here's your chance!

Marie will take you through the steps you need to improve your handwriting and make it uniquely yours. Based on the handwriting of Mary Champion and H.P. Behrensmeyer, Marie will break it down step by step and lead you through everything you need. 

With just a little practice you will achieve handwriting that you can be proud of.

Marie is the Director of the American Cursive Certification Program, co-founded with Michael Sull. She has taken many, many students through this program and has extensive experience in teaching handwriting. But to enter the program, you need a good handwriting basis to start. This class is a perfect place to begin. 

For those that love the beauty of a timeless letter, or for those that want to take it further, this class is for you!



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A private forum is provided as a place for students to share their work and their journey into cursive handwriting with fellow students.

The course offers unlimited access.



You can purchase a gift certificate for this class for the art lover in your life!

Since this course offers unlimited access at whatever pace and schedule that suits the student's life, this class makes a perfect gift.


These are just a few of the things that will be covered in the class... 

  • the basics of handwriting and the strokes that make up a writing system
  • going step-by-step through the each stroke and how they connect into words
  • proper spacing
  • alternative letter forms
  • how to adapt the lettering to your individual style 
  • connecting words
  • paragraph spacing
  • correspondence design