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[This is a pre-recorded version of the original class. Please note that there is no teacher feedback for this version.]

This class exclusively focuses on capitals, more precisely the wealth of capitals that are at our disposal when we decide to draw or build up our letters rather than to write them.

That wealth is literally infinite, so we have to limit ourselves. Like in the gestural class, it’s not as much my aim to acquaint you with a handful of alphabets but rather to show you how you can make your own variations.

We start from scratch with a basic skeleton alphabet in pencil and step by step we blow life into our letters, making them more dynamic. We learn how to build up our strokes subtly, how to bring in elegance within the letterforms, how to be precise and consistent in style... Our tool will be the humble pencil at first, but we’ll switch to a fineliner and later on to a nib as well.


Once we’re equipped with that basic knowledge and skill, we can start exploring.  Size, slope, proportions, rhythm, quality of line, serifs and endings, weight… all these variables can be modified to our liking in order to create highly unique letters and scripts.  Also here, we build up skill and experience with a pencil and then, once emboldened, we take up a fineliner or a nib and towards the end of the class even a flat brush to translate what we learned into something more powerful, colorful and permanent.

This class is not only about individual letters and its many variations, but since we’re going to use them in texts, we’ll also discuss rhythm, movement, consistency and layout.

The course is open to all levels. You don’t need to have years of experience or even a foundation in formal calligraphy, but, needless to say, it wouldn’t hurt if you have all that under your belt. Like with my other online courses, I aim to serve to a wide variety of levels. When students are prepared to spend time and energy on it, each one can make considerable progress. 


Here are a few things that will be covered in the course:



  • setting up (supplies, how to practice…)
  • going letter by letter over a basic skeleton alphabet
  • making changes to size, slope and weight
  • changing rhythms
  • using pencils, pen and brush to form our letters
  • color changes
  • harmony and contrast
  • proper spacing
  • fitting it all together



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