Belinda Chim is a contemporary calligraphy artist currently based in Macao.
Belinda has been practising calligraphy and penmanship for over nine years. She has studied various calligraphy styles, and her specialities are pointed pen flourishing and ornamental lettering.  
In 2018, Belinda made a commitment to making professional calligraphy her lifelong career. Her enthusiasm for the art and dedication to the pursuit of perfection have helped her achieve a mature and distinct aesthetic. She teaches Engrosser’s Script, Spencerian Script, Flourishing, and Ornamental Flourishing. 
Often commuting between her studio and multiple working sites, Belinda continues to deliver exceptional learning experiences, including giving lessons at the University of Macau and the Macao Polytechnic University. Belinda also provides onsite and bespoke services. She has worked with brands such as Hermes, Dior, Chanel, and Van Cleef and Arpels. With a heart eager for improvement, Belinda is dedicated to preserving and carrying forward the value of penmanship, through the exploration of the beauty that lies within the strokes. 


Belinda Teaches

  • Ornamental Capitals 

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My aim in teaching is to provide students with skills that lay down groundwork, to help them write with a sense of clarity and confidence. I also aim to help students develop their individuality along the way. 

- Belinda Chim